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Free training | Richard Khor
Monday, November 18, 2019
Richard Khor

Free training

 Free Internet Marketing training

Getting started online can be overwhelming.

Most people get information overload. There are so many ways to make money online but why so many people are still not making money online?

Around 79% of people make $0-100/month

Around 11% of people make $100-1000/month

This figure is not profits. Most people spent too much money just to make some profits from their online efforts and they give up.

The reason why so many people fail because:

  • They don’t have money
  • They don’t believe in themself
  • They don’t have the knowledge
  • They suffer information overload (Attracted to many shiny objects)
  • They don’t know how to get targetted traffic
  • They lack knowledge in conversions
  • They are lazy to do it

You just have to focus on something and get to where you want to be.

I don’t care about motivation because you will sure be motivated when you see money start to come in.

There are many phases of internet marketing:

  • Level 1 – Affiliate marketers
  • Level 2 – PLR Seller
  • Level 3 – Product Creator
  • Level 4 – Master

Are you starting to get excited? What i am going to do is to start removing your excuses one by one?

Excuse #1 – You don’t have money

There is no such thing as no money. If you have been spending money on those shiny objects that did not even help you to make more money. You are wasting on valuable money.

When i first started in 2008, i start to raise capital of $10k from learning online skills and bring businesses and people online.

Fastest way to raise some capital is to focus on cash business. I learnt how to make a website without programming skills. I don’t even know how to code a website but i can make website from content management system software.

From there, i approach business owners to help them get started online. I also explored Google Adwords as a marketing source. I use google adwords PPC as a traffic source for affiliate marketing offers and also offer my customers this service.

From there, i start to explore paid traffic as it help me to get started faster.

I start to invest more money into blogging as it might take 6-12 months to see results.

Excuse #2 – You don’t have the knowledge

After you see how to raise more capital for you to explore online. You just have to focus on those task that can help you make more cash from offline business. I always make money from offline business because it is a high profit business.

If i am just starting out, i will focus on learning how to make websites, getting domain name, hosting account, how to install WordPress in 5 minutes, how to setup my website or turn it into a blogging system, and get targeted traffic for myself & customers.

When i first started making websites in 2008, i only charge $500 per website and build my portfolio.

In 2015, my highest website package invoice is $25,000 – Website package and marketing solutions. One of my company focus on this and i doing it since 2008 and i will continue to do it day in day out 🙂 Who doesn’t want to do this? – Not including monthly recurring services [SEO, PPC, Facebook, GTA, other super ads] – ($5,000/month)

Excuse #3 – You suffer from information overload

STOP buying products unless you really need it or it will add significant amount of profits to the table. I wasted too much money on useless product when i first started out. Then i start to realise i am collecting digital dust every single day.

After that, i slowly add new knowledge into my brain only if i mastered the first skill. Before that, i am working 16 hours a day just to consume the amount of information and trying to make sense of it. So the most important is get step by step training. I hate those theory based ebook or videos because there is too much things to figure out or waste too much $ for us to get started.

Excuse #4 – You don’t know how to get traffic

This is the biggest excuse people blame online marketing is a scam. Traffic never sleeps and it is always there. As long as there is internet, traffic is always there when people start to get online whether on their mobile or desktop.

We just have to get in front of our targetted audiences and find out where they hang out.

Free Internet Marketing Training [Recording now]

Video 1: Getting started online (Internet Concept & Tools) – How they work with each other?

Video 2: Getting your own domain name [Your Online Home Address]

Video 3: Getting your own hosting account [Your Online Home Storage – Put your furnitures inside :)]

Video 4: How to point your DNS to your hosting account [Linking Home Address to Home Storage]

Video 5: How to leverage on my wordpress installation services [Your First Online Property]