Monday, April 23, 2018
Richard Khor

My True Story

Hello all, i started online since 2008. I was totally new to internet marketing at that time. There is so many opportunities around. Until one day, you will discover information overload issues start to pile up.

Everyone is trying to promote the next shiny object but most of them don’t work. I started with affiliate marketing and got the first paycheck from clickbank. I realize it is only a few critical steps to start making money online. I started teaching people offline and help them work from home online.

Afterwhich, i joined an internet marketer inner circle where we discuss everything under the sun from landing page, OTO, upsells, downsells, conversions, leads, clicks, copywriting, product creation, design and so much more. It may take some time to learn and i am still improving along the way.

Most importantly, remember that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. That’s why we should network and share ideas, or find chance to do joint ventures (JV).

In 2010, i went to the army and my last service date was on 6 June 2012. I learn about weapon systems and tanks armour vehicles.

I applied to study exercise and sport science degree to understand more about exercise and health to the human body.

In 2013, i opened 2 companies – Websites/Mobile Apps Company & Internet Marketing – Advertising Company.

In 2014, i built around 450k list of subscribers and already started selling solo ads (Clicks from email). Afterwhich, i discovered many new ways to make money and traffic generation.

In 2015 (Now), i focus on traffic generation domination, conversions, copywriting and make them into a 24 hour cash machine that makes money for us.