Monday, April 23, 2018
Richard Khor

New Social Media Strategy 2016

As you probably know, the organic reach for social network are dropping in Facebook and Twitter.

so we need a new strategy to get more traffic from social media websites.

Using Paid promotions, Facebook Instant Articles and Quuu.

1. Paid Content Marketing

One of the fastest ways to increase traffic to our website or business is to pay for Facebook Ads,

Promoted Pin, or a sponsored tweet. I know some people are angry that they are unable to

reach their followers for free.

That is why we need to build our own assets back to our website itself and not depend on the

“list” we build on the networks itself. I start to use the networks as the distribution model to

reach out to our audience.

2. Facebook Instant Articles Vs. Facebook Live Video

Facebook just release the beast and allow us to distribute our content even

faster than ever. People can quickly share their thoughts, whether it is on

their business, product or their daily life.

With Facebook Instant Articles, we can have more chance to increase our

reach, engagement, and social shares.

3. Quuu

Finally, now we have a platform we can submit our best content to be promoted

by their network. Simply go to

It takes only a short time to submit your content and receive a few additional

social media shares on your content.

Go and get it.




About The Author

Richard is an Infopreneur since 2008 when he started Internet Marketing. He constantly discover new "traffic methods". He now focus on learning copywriting to increase conversion rather than getting more traffic. Today, he focus more on recurring income business model and help people to achieve financial freedom through recurring model.